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August Underground Part 6 August Underground Part 6

Rated 4 / 5 stars

New Idea for game.

Oh man I got it, the game that is gonna change the world you ready?

Its like a sim city type game but like what you do is you get a person from birth right and you have to mod them and like take care of them there whole lives, and like build them a house and have them get married and have babies, but here is the catch, by the end of the game you have to eat out 1 of the 2 olsen sistes or finger both, AT THE SAME TIME, I meen think about it, the opritunity of life, shattered by fingering minors, oh there 18? nope they stay 7 the whole game like Michel Tanner young, like put in and break her shit young. Just like hit be with and email at (186oneida dot com) all my shit is so there, just deal with it!