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Save That Pikachu Save That Pikachu

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I want everyone to see this movie so no one goes to your funeral, There all oh man Jake is dead, and Then there all driving to the funeral home and the nigga in the back seat, well hes got WiFi and he just googles your faggot ass, and BOOM this cartoon plays and the WiFi kid is all, Eh........ I didnt know Jake did this shit, TERRORIST, so like the WiFi kid tells the Drivers (Your Parents) to watch your toon and there all, man, what a fag. So they like go to TGI Fridays (your FAV Resturaunt) and while there eating your dads all, "Too bad Jake isnt here, LOL"

Eat shit.

reptile vs white noob reptile vs white noob

Rated 1 / 5 stars

sprites are gay

They were gay 2 years ago, and I dont see any way that could get me off, Like im like cool "White Noob" I can jack off to that, being as I love Beastiality (Scorpion vs White (Barely Leagal) n00b) and Im all getting hard and shit thinking about some pre teen slut getting her shit wet to some bad ass scorpion like with like some classic ass Metal Balad on and just like she sticks a roll of quarters in her pussy, then is all "Scorpion its time" and the scorp just like fits in a condom and climbs in, but shit scorpions are fucking crazy so he just like went in and build like a whole Starbucks, the bitch is dead but I meen like he gives student discounts, it 10% but i meen its more then that faggot bitch White N00b ever have me!!!!!!

Good work.

Robotech Episode 1 REMAKE Robotech Episode 1 REMAKE

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


You have the talent to make good flash dont waste it on humdrum anime storylines. I know thats your thing but switch it up make your own property that fun to watch not long and boring with poorly done fight scenes. I waited for that and was sorely dissapointed. Enough with the anime there is too much of it but people still eat this shit up.

Nanashi responds:

Humdrum anime storylines? Personally, I think anime have some of the best storylines ever made. They tend to be very ‘out there’ and futuristic, and always have a little science to back them up and make them even more interesting. I do have work of my own “property” and it doesn’t gather near as much attention as this dose.

People “eat this shit up” because there is a large and growing fan base for Anime. Some of us are sick of watching things that are made simply to make money, with no heart and sole in them at all. Anime tends to be written by people who wish to express themselves (whether that be retro to our own opinions or not) and that’s what makes them so much more interesting than any one of the 6 different CSI shows on TV now days, and that’s why Anime blows away any other animated cartoon ever made.

Recent Game Reviews

August Underground Part 6 August Underground Part 6

Rated 4 / 5 stars

New Idea for game.

Oh man I got it, the game that is gonna change the world you ready?

Its like a sim city type game but like what you do is you get a person from birth right and you have to mod them and like take care of them there whole lives, and like build them a house and have them get married and have babies, but here is the catch, by the end of the game you have to eat out 1 of the 2 olsen sistes or finger both, AT THE SAME TIME, I meen think about it, the opritunity of life, shattered by fingering minors, oh there 18? nope they stay 7 the whole game like Michel Tanner young, like put in and break her shit young. Just like hit be with and email at (186oneida dot com) all my shit is so there, just deal with it!